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I went out to get my jacket which I left on top of the hamper when I heard someone peeing nearby.

I thought “Darn it! Our neighbors don’t have manners at all.” They not only made a canal outside our house without our permission, they were also too lazy to go to their own toilet to relieve themselves so the canal became their psuedo-toilet. Truly disgusting. Well, pissed as I am, I kept quiet. But not this time. I decided to see who it was. And lo and behold! It’s a woman! Can you believe it? I thought only men and dogs do that – urinate wherever they want. It was dark and I couldn’t see her face but I know she was as embarrassed as I was surprised. She’s around the same age as me and I really hate her with all my heart because she doesn’t know how to speak without shouting and it’s really annoying because it is noise pollution. I couldn’t count how many times I woke up to the sound of her raspy, unpleasant voice.

I was about to go back to our house when the woman suddenly stood up and cried in panic. Our dog Ryosuke had gone out of the gate! When I saw him, I panicked, too. He was very friendly with strangers and more well-mannered than our neighbors (when he is outside our house, it’s a different story when he’s in his territory) but he was growling this time. I knew he won’t attack anyone though, maybe it’s just a defense mechanism because our neighbor the peeer was shouting and panicking. It was when I noticed that she hasn’t pulled her shorts up yet. But I have no time to think of anything because I saw a white dog with black spots pass by. Yuri, our other dog! I shouted for my sister to get Ryosuke’s leash and I hurriedly followed our dogs. I was afraid they’d go into the highway and get crushed by big buses and trucks. In my hurry I forgot to wear slippers but it didn’t matter. The pups were more important. I ran and called their names, praying they would hear me. Thank God Yuri did. I held him and handed him to my aunt. One down, one to go. Ryosuke the adventurer was busy sniffing things like he always does, oblivious to my calls and shouts. My sister finally caught up with me and gave me the leash. Ryosuke always got excited when he sees it because he knows we’re going out. He didn’t get excited when he saw it this time though because well, he was already out. It was a relief that he didn’t run away when I got to him and I promptly put the leash on his neck. As I turned toward our house, I felt that the leash was too light. And yes, I was tugging at nothing. The leash was not tight enough. I approached him and together with my sister, I tied the leash, carefully making sure that it’s tight enough this time. That took us about three minutes because it was dark and we were also afraid that Ryosuke the alpha male a.k.a. Mr. Moody might lose his temper. I know we shouldn’t let him think he’s the pack leader but right now, I can’t think of a solution to that. Maybe I should ask the help of a dog whisperer. But that’s another story.

I hugged Yuri when we got home. I was so worried that something bad might happen to them that I forgot about our ill-mannered neighbor for a moment. When the image of her peeing at the corner flashed in my mind, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Maybe she won’t be lazy to go to the toilet now after experiencing major embarassment and fright.

What a strange way to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!♥

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