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I went out to get my jacket which I left on top of the hamper when I heard someone peeing nearby.

And lo and behold! It's a woman! )


Dec. 17th, 2010 07:17 am
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Today, I fell in love with BEST.

Oh Cherry

Dec. 17th, 2010 05:01 am
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I think I'm falling for Daiki the Gossip Boy. Nah. Maybe I'm just bored.
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My cellphone's birthday alarm rang a few minutes ago. Which means... It's already Chii's birthday! YAY! *imagines falling confetti* Now, how will I spend this day? Hmm. Of course, I'll work, as always. But I shall have lunch at a Japanese restaurant to celebrate his birthday. Happy birthday Chii!~ I wish you good health, happiness, success and of course I hope you grow a few centimeters more this year. It's not impossible hey! Daisuki.~

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Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu Arashi no riida, Ohno Satoshi! Daisuki!
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I'm still sick.
And so, since I can't work yet, I decided to watch Gokusen.^^ MatsuJun!

No one can resist such prettiness.

So pretty!!! )
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Only had a few hours of sleep so I'm still sleepy. And my head aches. Aww. But must work first before I sleep. And maybe a little fangirling too.^-^

I'm crazy. )


Nov. 14th, 2010 04:14 pm
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Hmmm... What to write? What to write? I've been thinking and thinking of what to write and I've had a few ideas but I just can't get started because I'm busy with work. However, I still have time for fangirling and have been watching a lot of Arashi videos lately.^^ I'm new to the fandom. My friends introduced me to the wonderful world of rainbows and there's no turning back ever since. Hah! It seems that they have underestimated my fangirling tendencies and capabilities. They were surprised that I've been catching up faster than they expected.

And, as I continue to walk the rainbow path, here's one of the things that amused me: MatsuJun's looks/styles. After all, he's been dubbed as Arashi's fashionista right? I've taken some screencaps that really made me smile or had me LOLing.^^ LOL MatsuJun! )
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